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Lo últimos estudios de GCE & Pangaea Network

30.10.2014 // GCE

Observatory 2014: Food Tourism -  culinary experiences as a means of discovering countries?

GCE and PANGAEA NETWORK present the findings of the last research, focussing on ‘travel food’.

12.03.2014 // GCE

Observatory 2014: “Luxury Travel Trends – 4th edition”

GCE and Pangaea Network present the findings of the survey dedicated to Luxury Travel and International Trends, now in its fourth edition.

05.12.2013 // GCE

Observatory 2013: “Top International Travel Marketing Trends for 2014 “

GCE and Pangaea Network present a forecast report  focusing on six International Travel  Marketing Trends for next year. The report includes a concise snapshot of key figures for inbound and outbound travel from major tourism-generating markets and destinations.

25.10.2013 // GCE

Observatory 2013: GCE presents “LGBT Travel Trends”

GCE and Pangaea Network publish the findings of the research dedicated to LGBT (Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender).

A panel of  373 tourism professionals has taken the survey within Italy, France, UK, Germany and Spain.

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